The Story

Hi, I am Marco, the sole soul behind the RallyTime stopwatch app for now. In July 2016, rally enthusiasts, experts and frequent spectators contacted me as the inventor of the HEROTIME smart stopwatch, the world’s most advanced sports multi stopwatch app and asked how they could use Herotime for their regular rally timing need.

In the discussions that followed, it turned out that their need to time rally cars that are passing them, standing in the middle of nowhere along a remote race track, was different enough to warrant a completely new stopwatch app. That’s how RallyTime Pro was born.

The challenge was to calculate and display relative times of passing cars without having any background information on start times, let alone live timing for the exact position that the spectator happens to stand.

Sure, if their is any online timing information available (and for smaller rallies, that’s not the case), as a spectator you can wait for the final result of each car. But how exciting is that?? Where is the instant information that we are so used to these days?? So at least the rationale of my experts.

RallyTime now replaces normal handheld stopwatches and a lot of brainy calculations in spectators’ head, or devices as simple as egg timers, which fans use so far to guess when the next car is about to be expected. And more than that, I found a way to visually show the progress of the next approaching car, so fans can prepare for the next moment of dust, motor roaring and thrill.

My experts seem to love it. So, I hope other fans will, too. Let’s see…